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SweetVIPS has always been head of the class in knowing what PROS want, and need to be successful professionals. We take great pride in developing new tools and resources created by listening to sex workers' needs and desires. One thing we have learned is that everyone's needs are different, and sex work is diverse, as are the providers working in this profession.

Our services are available to all providers of all genders,  from digital to in-person, massage to full service, social companions, sugar babies and fetish professionals, we are here to support your needs and help make your business run efficiently.  SweetVIPS assets range from accommodations, advertising, mentoring, consulting, safe locations, safe automation tools, shared client resources, digital creation PeerSpace, and through our friends at PROS.BUZZ a variety of social media support economical photography options and other a la carte digital services including unique activism and advertising opportunities.

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Finding safe, clean PeerSpace can be daunting for a professional companion, digital content provider, or boudoir photographer. Working out of your own private location has safety risks including eviction, discretionary issues and liability coverage. AirBnB spaces are not only expensive but with location use restrictions, doorbell cameras, and lack of buzzer control, you and your clients are exposed during every connection you make.  Hotels have a "make them feel uncomfortable" policy, that is specifically targeting professional female companions, resulting in many being asked to leave the property and veiled threats. Even if you are lucky to find shared private resources,  the onus is on you to pay the full overhead for the month (rent, hydro, cable, insurance, supplies) and typically come with time restraints and scheduling conflicts.

We have a variety of resources available for digital content providers, photographers, and companions of all sorts and gender. Our beautifully decorated, licensed, insured, discreet and safe locations are available to rent per hour, half or full day.  Prices range from $80/hr to $1500 a day, depending on your needs. Discounted bundled rates are available in multiple locations. More info...


The cost of advertising is constantly increasing, if you are a professional sex worker, you already know this. Aside from increased costs, competition, and the work involved with client verification, it can be hard to get your information in front of verified viable leads. EST. 2008 SVIPS is a respected experienced advertising agency, providing support,  resources, advertising to a select cherry-picked, reference checked, deposit prepaid client leads. Our specialties are diverse whether you are looking for a complete bundle of solutions or looking for à la carte services. Whether you need a webpage, website, social media exposure, or ads placed on other platforms for you, we are here to help. More info...

PRO tools

Client verification, safety education, bad date lists, and shared client information has always been a passion of SweetVIPS.  Technology and using it to share resources and knowledge.  More info...