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We are an innovative escort referral agency, promoting independent providers, touring and local escorts. It is our desire to empower the ladies of our industry on all fronts, from what they want to charge, to when and how they want to work. Communication, respect, and honesty are the main aspects of our commitment to everyone we connect with. We are a strong group of brilliant fearless companions that understand the importance of this service for clients from all walks of life. The ladies we work with sincerely enjoy and take pride in their profession, and it shows in everything they do. The group of professionals at SweetVIPS embody the spirit of being "different, but better because". We are constantly challenging ourselves to find a better way of doing things while sharing a positive attitude towards our industry and a healthy attitude towards sexuality. As Victoria BC's top reviewed escorts, we welcome you to step into our fantasy world as we create real-life sweet memories together.


Through the process of introducing cherry picked clients to top-level escorts in multiple cities over the past two decades, we have learned many important lessons along the way. As a group, we are constantly inspired, humbled and filled with pride to be part of this community. One of our most sincere desires is to listen to you and ask questions, to ensure we get things right the first time. We will not try to match providers and clients up with whoever is available or any Tom, Dick, or Hary that calls in. We want both parties to be excited about who they are going to spend time with, and we help facilitate that with great success every day.


We strive to provide an environment that's drug-free, drama-free, safe and fun for all types of escorts and clients. If you have respect for yourself, your co-workers and the clients you provide service to, it creates an unparalleled atmosphere and sense of community. Another advantage of creating a cooperative of like-minded service providers working together is the sharing of knowledge. There is a reason why we are Victoria's best-reviewed escorts, VIPS are constantly sharing tips and tricks with our co-workers. Our head madam ms.Harvi has 20years of experience in the adult industry and has worked with hundreds of legendary courtesans, gathering years of knowledge in the process. An in-depth mentoring and orientation program is also provided for our "new the business" ladies, to ensure they have the knowledge they need to be top-level escorts. As a professional group of service providers working together, SweetVIPS ensures a level of consistency and quality our clients have come to expect.


Downtown Studio (near Douglas / Yates) We do not accept walk-in appointments at our downtown studio and are strictly by appointment only. To guarantee our client's discretion we only schedule one client to arrive or leave at a time, your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. Street pay parking or one-hour free parking at neighbouring Fisgard and Johnston street parkades is available.


SweetVIPS has always had a wonderful relationship with the public health nurse, since the first day we opened we have made regular testing available and mandatory for our staff.

Since STI and STD health is not a one-sided solution, we also have options available for our clients wishing to receive anonymous testing with the nurse at our office. If you wish to get a rapid HIV test (results in minutes), blood work or swabs in the comfort of our downtown office, we want to help you make that happen. Typically client testing is done on the last Monday of the month around 9am. All you need to do is contact us to set up an appointment time.


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