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WOW. That about sums it up in 1 word. It’s been a long time since I had that level of connection with a lady. Nothing mechanical and everything passionate. I don’t normally do a 90 minute intro but something was gripping at me as I studied her ad. As always I never go into details, because. YMMV. Suffice to say there was an instant connection. I was left weak in the knees and shaking after our meeting. Dezi is a true professional and her level of service is consummate with her likes and your desires.


“…even though she is young she is beyond her years in maturity and in the bedroom.”


Saw Koto within the last couple of months….she still has an amazing body for a lady of her age, but remember she is no spring chicken…but all in all, Koto does give you your money’s worth with her exceptional service. Wish that there were more providers out there that provided the same experience that Koto does.


“She has left me feeling, as the Eurythmics sang,17 Again … just constantly aroused, and aching to see her a third time”


“…an absolutely gorgeous woman, who dressed exactly as I requested”


“When I met siren I was just like wow…”


Harmony is gorgeous and sexy as hell. Everything about the sex was spot on. She was very enthusiastic, often apologising for being selfish in asking me to do certain things for her to make her cum. The highlight was doggystyle, took it like a pro. But as well as all that, she’s just really good fun to be with. We had some great chats and laughs, which easily led on to more sex when the mood took. – B.


yes, she is worth the 450, I booked her for 1/2 hr, for a quick introduction experience, on first meeting her, I was in awe, are you kidding me .what a lil baddie. I hope to book her again, but longer and more options added, she is amazing that’s why I don’t know when I will get another good booking, her ensuite is comfortable, and quiet and she’s was warm and inviting, then when we go into things, wowwies.


The biggest selling factor is: she gets excited and you cannot mimic that, the fact that you can excite her, drives me crazy in a good way.She has a fantastic personality, not fake, a very interesting girl to talk to about lots of things.If you can interpret some of her tattoos, you would understand what I am talking about.Finally, you can play wild and kinda rough :)She has lots of energy and can take you for a trip, or you both may surf the waves leading each other. Very wild GFE, she likes to kiss, very good BJ, deep, sensual etc.

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