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EST. 2008 - SVIPS is one of the best-reviewed, licensed escort agencies in Canada. We take time to ask and answer questions to ensure professional companions and their admirers have the sweetest experiences. Honesty, communication and unparalleled ethics are the core of our success. Touring & Available in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


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Sunday, September 24th, 2023
Desiree12:00pm - 9:00pmBook NowCondo
Kamilla3:00pm - 10:00pmCall Office
Kamilla3:00pm - 10:00pmCall OfficeOWN
Mischa1:30pm - 6:00pmBook Now
Scarlett10:00am - 11:25pmCall Office



My time with Mischa was very passionate with deep kissing, and caressing, which led to groping, rubbing and humping like two teenagers who could not get enough of each other. Lots of moaning from both of us. Mischa is very sensual and responsive (she was very wet and her nipples were very hard). Her smaller breasts are just perfect on her very trim athletic body – and she has that flat stomach which I love. I really enjoyed DATY and it seemed she did as well – it does not always work out that way for me. With the hour we did not have to rush anything and we could let the sexual tension build. At one point she asked “Should I ride you?” as we knelt in front of each other making out. I usually don’t do that well with cowgirl but I was so turned on she mounted me that it was hard to even disengage to change positions when the time came… Mischa was fully engaged with mischievous teasing eyes while she got wetter. Other positions ensued which were just as frenetic (I looked this up to make sure I was using it properly. Def. fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way.) During doggy, she could sit up and passionately kiss me while I was thrusting. I had to keep slowing down to avoid ending too soon. She was vocally supportive of our activities which were never flagged.


When I saw her ad, I wanted to inquire about exploring some new fantasies & kinks, activities I’d never done before. I emailed her a few days prior and gave some broad brush strokes in regards to what I was looking for. I was extremely impressed during these interactions, by in large all I did was give a few rough details about my experience level (or lack thereof) and what I was curious in exploring and she took it from there. I’d characterize these interactions as professional, empathetic, and very warm.

Unfortunately in this industry, it’s not uncommon to run into SP’s who seem mechanical, or like they’re just going through the motions, etc. Desiree is the complete opposite of that. She’s incredibly skilled, creative, and genuinely engaged in trying to make the experience with her as memorable as possible. I went into the session not quite knowing how it would go, or what to expect and it absolutely exceeded anything I could have imagined. She went above and beyond in initiating fun, new activities, and made me feel like everything we did was mutually enjoyable.


WOW. That about sums it up in 1 word. It’s been a long time since I had that level of connection with a lady. Nothing mechanical and everything passionate. I don’t normally do a 90 minute intro but something was gripping at me as I studied her ad. As always I never go into details, because. YMMV. Suffice to say there was an instant connection. I was left weak in the knees and shaking after our meeting. Dezi is a true professional and her level of service is consummate with her likes and your desires.


I should clarify, though…. age is just a number and Koto is very sexy. I have seen her multiple times and, while I haven’t seen her in a few years, plan to see her again.


“Holy F*&K I got my world rocked. Not once but Twice – what a lady. Easy to talk to between rounds.”


“Where to start? Smart, stunning, sexy, gorgeous eyes, amazing body?…”


“She is exactly like her pics with little to no touch-ups… this girl is perfect.”


The most beautiful girl I’ve ever been with. You could almost say she is a spinner very toned body. Beautiful long curly blonde hair. Multiple positions with lots of fun. Does not offer bareback but CBJ was really good. She has a very pleasant attitude and very good communication. Repeat definitely


She is a great kisser and I was in heaven just admiring her spectacular body and being in her presence. She knew when to make her move and I laid back like a king and just enjoyed the best BJ I have had in ages. The visual of her looking up at me is burned into my memory! Gah, this girl is a total smoke show! If it wasn’t already common knowledge how awesome she is, I would be hesitant to sing her praises and instead try to keep her for myself. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous and sexy as hell, she is also super sweet, smart and friendly. A total dream girl!

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