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EST. 2008 - SVIPS is one of the best-reviewed, licensed escort agencies in Canada. We take time to ask and answer questions to ensure professional companions and their admirers have the sweetest experiences. Honesty, communication and unparalleled ethics are the core of our success. Touring & Available in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023
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“…even though she is young she is beyond her years in maturity and in the bedroom.”


“Siren provided an exquisite experience that was one to remember.”


“When I met siren I was just like wow…”


“When Slone puts it into high gear, she means it. She made the transition from tenderness to glorious hardcore grind without missing a beat.”


WOW. That about sums it up in 1 word. It’s been a long time since I had that level of connection with a lady. Nothing mechanical and everything passionate. I don’t normally do a 90 minute intro but something was gripping at me as I studied her ad. As always I never go into details, because. YMMV. Suffice to say there was an instant connection. I was left weak in the knees and shaking after our meeting. Dezi is a true professional and her level of service is consummate with her likes and your desires.


“Where to start? Smart, stunning, sexy, gorgeous eyes, amazing body?…”


If you look on their website, you will see beautiful pictures of her. To sexy to be truth (honestly).

 Her body is very sexy and I can confirm that all pictures of her are legit. She is that sexy! After i’ve freshn up, we started this fun time. She is very clean and no signs of drugs addictions (her skin is perfect and her face is beautiful). I have to say that she has very nice curves and a very sexy body (nice lips, big butt, small waist and nice boobs). She is also very good at her job (without going into details) and YMMV. Didn’t look at the time and was not in a rush. She does start a timer on her phone (for sure) but will not make you hurry up hoping she can finish early. She also chat with me at end of it and we kinda took more time that we had. Verdict, i will see her again. She is amazing! 


“I had a great time. If I was from the area I would be a very regular attendee.”


She is petite blonde with awesome long curly hair, amazingly tight body and very kissable lips. Riley has that sweet next door girl persona with a bit of a naughty streak 

 Riley was very passionate and we had a vigorous session from start to end. I would recommend a two hour session as one hour is not enough with this gem.

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