Diverse Abilities Experience

“Making Sex Accessible”

A few years ago we started on a quest to make sexuality easily accessible to everyone. We already had a few regular clients using our wheelchair-accessible location, but the ladies and I felt we could do more. One of our first new clients, who found us through this additional promotion, is now an adored member of our community and VIP family. For Valentine’s Day, we shared our stories of this experience; they can be found here: Making Sex Accessible @ VIPS.

Not long after that, we also held a holiday promo to nominate a friend who needs some sweet cheer. The winner would receive a free one-hour session with one of our SweetVIPS, and the nominator would receive a free 30 min session for being such a great friend. Thanks to this promotion, we were introduced to another wonderful human and they have continued to bring us holiday cheer, all year long. (The winners’ reviews & stories can be found @ Perb.cc) Through this process, we have gained some wonderful new friends with diverse abilities, who will always stay close to our hearts. The more we saw firsthand what a positive and important effect these experiences had, the more we were inspired to do even more...

It is a basic human desire to feel the joy that comes from connecting with others sexually. Sexuality is not only important to the marginal community of young, athletic, and able-bodied, a healthy sex life is a positive, mood-altering benefit for everyone of legal age. Don’t let life pass you by, experience as much of it as you can, every which way possible.


Regardless of whoever you are, we want to make your fantasies a reality. We take great pride in providing access to the city’s best service providers and the valuable work they do. We offer a $60 Diverse Abilities Credit to those living on disability funds, or with diverse abilities and financial strain. We look forward to your call and impressing the pants off you.

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