2009 VIPS Summer Solstice Party
~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~

A solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year. In January a few lucky souls joined in on our VIPS New Years Bash… now as a sequel to that night, I am happy to announce VIPS Summer Solstice Party on June 20th, 2009.

The theme of our party will be debauchery, fantasy fairies, sex-starved nymphs and a summer night that will feel like a dream. Of course, we will strive to make sure this is a dream you will not soon forget, but if parts seem fuzzy, we will have photos to remind you again and again…


The thing about these parties is that your impression is based on your own personal adventures through the evening. There was so much going on that no individuals story would be complete. So here are just a few quick-hit thoughts on my stroll through the night’s proceedings.

8th Wonder of the New World

Miley’s flexibility and energy is of another world. There were five performances during the evening and Miley was in six of them; a feat only possible from an unknown and untapped energy source. I would certainly recommend “tapping” that energy source.

It’s Good to be Spanxed

It seemed many of the ladies enjoyed a good “spanxing” and when Betty arrived it took on a whole new meaning.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Based on last night, I think I will buy some stock in “Toys R Inside US.”
Thank you, Stacey and Melody, Kim, Casey, Betty, Willa and Miley. Those toys went places that …..

9th Wonder of the New World

Kim’s smile is like having a ball of sunshine following you around the room.

Be the Lollipop!

Watching Christina “work” a lollipop is hard to describe. That is one talented tongue.:D

Just Friends

Melody and Stacey seem to be getting some excellent “benefits” from their friendship. Now how do you get on the friend’s list?

Greetings Earthlings

Audrey is definitely the hostess angel that you want to meet when approaching Heaven. Anyway, hopefully, one of you can let me know how that goes as I am not quite sure I will be going in that direction after last night.

Harvi for President

The lady knows how to throw a party.

Is Anyone Missing their Panties?

I seem to have acquired some during the evening. It’s all coming back to me now….FULL REVIEW HERE


Video #1 (Kim)
Video #2 (Kim)
Video #3 (Kim, Miley & Gerri)
Video #4 (Kim, Miley, Gerri & Casey)