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EST. 2008 - SVIPS is one of the best-reviewed, licensed escort agencies in Canada. We take time to ask and answer questions to ensure professional companions and their admirers have the sweetest experiences. Honesty, communication and unparalleled ethics are the core of our success. Touring & Available in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


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Monday, October 2nd, 2023
CHelsea10:00am - 2:00pmBook NowEDM
Mia10:00am - 9:30pmBook Now
Miley10:00am - 2:00pmBook NowEDM
Mischa1:00pm - 5:00pmBook Now
Nyrie2:00pm - 6:30pmBook Now
Scarlett10:00am - 10:30pmBook Now
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“Siren provided an exquisite experience that was one to remember.”


She’s actually amazing, I really enjoyed myself.

She looks super tall in her photos but she was actually pretty tiny in person, pictures are 100% accurate and she looks even better in person in my opinion.

She was super enthusiastic and professional. She kept a good flow throughout the whole session.
And she knows exactly what she’s doing.
She is French, and its been said in a few other posts but ill say it again, its may sometimes be confusing to have a conversation she may not
understand a few English words, but she works it out pretty quick. wasn’t a problem for me.

*She also has great style, jewelry and piercings on point.*

Incroyable! Fantisque! Just the most amazing experience ever (and I’ve had a few sweet ones) – thank you so much Mia, thank you so much Harvi WOW!


In short, meeting Sweet Chelsea is a pleasure in itself and the rest of the session is a moment that I can’t wait to relive even before it’s over.The finale was “grandiose” and the moments in the shower that followed were more than memorable.I can’t wait to see her again since this first meeting heralds even more sensual encounters the next few times.Sweet Chelsea is like Juliet on the balcony, just seeing her, you want to sing the apple to her and climb the “discovery” ladder of desire!Simple, kind, adorable, naughty, sexy, desirable, she is one of a kind. She’s not just a pearl, she’s the whole necklace!


“She has left me feeling, as the Eurythmics sang,17 Again … just constantly aroused, and aching to see her a third time”


“Holy F*&K I got my world rocked. Not once but Twice – what a lady. Easy to talk to between rounds.”


This is the second time I have seen this beautiful lady. Today I spent a 1.5 hours with Miley, She makes you feel so comfortable from the time you enter the room. She is even more beautiful than her pictures Miley is all about looking after you. Being older she managed to get me to come 3 times which hasn’t happened in years! She is a great conversationalist. Thanks Miley you are definitely my ATF


Jessyka is good for your health!

The experience with her is an indulgence worth more than words can explain, and worth every penny (and more)!

She is a beautiful woman truly skilled in the art of pleasure and seduction. She is also a sweet and kind person. Ever time I get to see her I fall in love again!

This isn’t my first time seeing Miss Jessyka, and it won’t be my last! Treat her right so she keeps coming back!


Like a succubus, “Sweet Chelsea” will take every last drop of energy you offer her.  Physically speaking, I would say that her photos don’t give her enough credit, she just looks wow.  A very beautiful face, a small nose and super beautiful lips! A “cute” typeface, which I prefer much more! Her eyes are sparkling and very inviting, and she seems to be a fan of “eye contact”, something that I find rarer with ladies with whom there is no intimate relationship. A beautiful hourglass shape, no belly at all, curves in the right places! A hell of an ass.

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