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Monday, October 2nd, 2023
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Koto is older Japanese great gal, has a great body but is a bit older than ’40s that SU has her listed at.


We chatted briefly catching up, and then proceeded to the bedroom. Even though this was a “typical” FS session (no kinky fetishes this time), the experience was anything but ordinary. Lots of grinding and caressing before proceeding to the main event, which consisted of CBJ + doggie. Just an amazing time, and afterwards I felt weak in the knees, short of breath, and giddy. Even though it was a quick 15 min session I never once at all felt rushed, and even in the short time we were together still had the chance to chat & reconnect a bit.

In the last review I wrote of her I said “She’s incredibly skilled, creative, and genuinely engaged in trying to make the experience with her as memorable as possible”. Even though this was a quick session these words still rang true. Now I find myself kicking myself for waiting so long to see her a 2nd time. She’s just an absolute gem, so much fun. I already have a new years resolution for 2023 to see her again. 😀 Highly highly recommended.


“…even though she is young she is beyond her years in maturity and in the bedroom.”


“… if you want to read between the lines, Siren is sexy with a super body, very intelligent, and easy to talk to.”


Saw Koto within the last couple of months….she still has an amazing body for a lady of her age, but remember she is no spring chicken…but all in all, Koto does give you your money’s worth with her exceptional service. Wish that there were more providers out there that provided the same experience that Koto does.


“…an absolutely gorgeous woman, who dressed exactly as I requested”


Like a succubus, “Sweet Chelsea” will take every last drop of energy you offer her.  Physically speaking, I would say that her photos don’t give her enough credit, she just looks wow.  A very beautiful face, a small nose and super beautiful lips! A “cute” typeface, which I prefer much more! Her eyes are sparkling and very inviting, and she seems to be a fan of “eye contact”, something that I find rarer with ladies with whom there is no intimate relationship. A beautiful hourglass shape, no belly at all, curves in the right places! A hell of an ass.


When I saw her ad, I wanted to inquire about exploring some new fantasies & kinks, activities I’d never done before. I emailed her a few days prior and gave some broad brush strokes in regards to what I was looking for. I was extremely impressed during these interactions, by in large all I did was give a few rough details about my experience level (or lack thereof) and what I was curious in exploring and she took it from there. I’d characterize these interactions as professional, empathetic, and very warm.

Unfortunately in this industry, it’s not uncommon to run into SP’s who seem mechanical, or like they’re just going through the motions, etc. Desiree is the complete opposite of that. She’s incredibly skilled, creative, and genuinely engaged in trying to make the experience with her as memorable as possible. I went into the session not quite knowing how it would go, or what to expect and it absolutely exceeded anything I could have imagined. She went above and beyond in initiating fun, new activities, and made me feel like everything we did was mutually enjoyable.


She’s actually amazing, I really enjoyed myself.

She looks super tall in her photos but she was actually pretty tiny in person, pictures are 100% accurate and she looks even better in person in my opinion.

She was super enthusiastic and professional. She kept a good flow throughout the whole session.
And she knows exactly what she’s doing.
She is French, and its been said in a few other posts but ill say it again, its may sometimes be confusing to have a conversation she may not
understand a few English words, but she works it out pretty quick. wasn’t a problem for me.

*She also has great style, jewelry and piercings on point.*

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