2019 VIPS Party

Harvi & Vinnie

REVIEW : Oh what a night…VIPS party notes…
Halloween is about getting surprised by the unexpected, sweet treats, wicked costumes and a mix of fun and games. With that in mind we are excited to announce that our next legendary VIPS Party will be a Halloween themed night called “LET’S GET FREAKY”.

The ladies of SweetVIPS have spent over a decade providing memorable let’s get freaky moments, as well as hosting some of our cities most epic mingler parties. Our past SweetVIPS parties are a local pooner legend and have only gotten bigger and more exciting as the years go on. Last year our “School’s in Session” party was held at a historic downtown hotel, with views of the city and lots of room to learn lessons. (photos from our last party can be found @ 2018 School’s in Session) This year we will be returning to the same location, but with a whole new list of fun activities and entertainment.

Just like past parties, all of our ladies will be in attendance, as well as a selection of girls visiting from abroad. We have also invited some of our past VIP alumni, so this is shaping up to be a wild night of freaky fun. This party will give you access to new ladies, and the opportunity to meet ones that you have always been curious about before. To answer your question, YES you will be able to sneak off for some private one on one (or 2 on 1) time with your favourite VIPS. We have the whole top floor of a downtown hotel with a huge penthouse and 8 private rooms to play in.

Also, like past events we will have food, drinks, and the always titillating entertainment portion of our evening. Getting freaky will play a big part of our entertainment portion of the evening, including Shibari & Suspension, Drag Performances, Exotic Dancers, and a few other surprise performances the VIPS are working on. We will also be playing some fun games and have some freakin awesome giveaways throughout the night.

We will also have a selection of sex positive toys and products for you to view (and purchase) from our most knowledgeable friend www.laskamaria.com

Although this location is going to be much larger than our office parties, we are limited in how many tickets we can sell, so even if you are not sure about attending, don’t wait to secure your spot. Since this party is Halloween themed the ladies will be dressing up in fun costumes. You are more then welcome to do the same, maybe even wear a mask if you are a little shy.


General Admission : $50
Ultimate VIP Pass : $100

* Mingle with the VIPS
* Games & Prizes
* Food & Munchies
* Bar Access

* Mingle with the VIPS
* Games & Prizes
* Food & Munchies
* Special Party Rates (-$20 discount)
* Food & Munchies
* Drink Tickets

Contact SweetVIPS via Email, Phone or Text and request a ticket to our party or ask questions. It’s that easy… what are you waiting for?