t might not seem like it right now but spring is just around the corner. Soon the ladies will be exchanging bulky winter clothes for flimsy dresses that give us glimpses underneath when the wind is feeling frisky. To hail this glorious coming season ms.Harvi has decided it is time to sponsor one of our epic guy & girl mingler parties, with a slight twist of Different but Better Because…

Our past SweetVIPS parties are a local pooner legend, and in the following weeks, I imagine this thread to explode with stories of remember when… All I have to say to that is you haven’t seen anything yet, I have been a busy bee planing and organising what I promise will be a night you will remember till the day you die (and still get a chubby when you do).

This year we have switched things up in a big way, for starters I have rented a whole separate location for this PRIVATE EVENT (Our close neighbour that shares our discreet back door entrance area). We will have unlimited space to play, flirt and be entertained, and if you so desire – sneak over to our office for some private one on one (or 2 on 1) getting to know you better time.

Just like past parties, all of our ladies will be in attendance, as well a few visiting guests will be in town I am in the works of inviting some old and new friends to join in on this party – so you will have access to new and exciting ladies and get to meet ones you have always been curious about before.

We will have food, drinks, and the always interesting and titillating entertainment portion of our evening. This parties theme is Carnival of Desires so we will have an onslaught of games, test your skills and prizes to be won. We will have a professional burlesque show as well as sexy exotic strip tease shows, this time there will be LOTS of front row space. I will also have some delectable treats and a selection of sex positive toys and products for you to view and learn about from my friend www.laskamaria.com (hmmm which VIP should give the presentation of this new vibrator….)

Oh did I mention the kissing and spanking booths or the “pop my cherry” girls? … Hmmm well I don’t want to overwhelm you boys n girls too much. Over the next weeks I will be adding and sharing a few more tricks this old ring master has up her sleeve. Although this location is going to be much larger, we are limited in how many tickets we can sell so even if your not sure you are able or want to come, don’t wait to long to secure your spot.


So hears the deal I will put together the event of a life time, and I wont bend you over in the process, all I ask in return is you find your favourite girl to bend over in the future.

Regular Ticket Price : $69
Discounted Ticket Price : $29*
*(When Purchased with C-Notes)

Want in … Of course you do Now here’s how you can do it :

Contact SweetVIPS via Email, PM, Phone or Text and request a ticket to our party. Its that easy… what are you waiting for?