~ Victoria Independent Providers ~

Are you an independent escort thinking of additional ways to help grow your business?
Are you currently working at an escort agency, but considering other options?
Have you been thinking about working as an escort for the first time?

All of the V.I.P. Ladies are working for their own personal choices and each has her own desires and goals. Our girls love their job and want to help improve the industry, while bettering their own quality of life. If you love meeting new people, have an excellent work ethics, are reliable and can follow procedure, we want to talk to you.

If you've had enough of "struggling to make rent" and you're ready to start enjoying your life, then Victoria Independent Providers (SweetVIPS) may be the right place for you start doing just that.  If you have ever thought about being an escort as a career, not just a job, then you may be what "we're looking for."  V.I.P. is not interested in women who think of clients as "dumb tricks" or that "getting by on one's looks" is OK. We want clean, healthy, happy and drug free ladies who want to be recognized for their service, attitude, and attention to detail.

The best Escort / Independents in this industry know this career choice is a very special calling. Not everyone has what it takes (desire, passion, focus, drive) to be a V.I.P. escort. Successful Independents / Escorts in this business are not just born,  they are created from lots of hard work, devotion, and passion. V.I.P. is looking for a few quality women, who want to be, and work with, the best!  If you have a high sexual drive and enjoy pleasing others then why not get paid to do what you love!



  • Lowest House Rates in Town (20-35%)
  • Make More Money per Call (set your own rates)
  • Flexible Shifts / Schedules
  • Orientation / Tips / Tricks of the Trade
  • Great Staff / Drivers / Phones 24/7
  • Skilled Management / Marketing Managers
  • Enthusiastic Promotion (of your looks/service)
  • Open, Honest Staff Meetings/ Have your voice heard
  • Detailed Client Black List / Booking Policies
  • Higher Profile / Respect (through reputations of co-workers)
  • Group / Community – Support / Counselling
  • Opportunities / Networking - (leads from other girls)
  • Accounting / Financial Planning
  • Opportunities for Personal Growth – (develop other skills)
  • Paid Job Offers - (marketing/website/accounting etc)
  • Policies for STDs
  • Travel Opertunites (Calgary / Vancouver)


  • All the above, plus: 
  • Additional Promotion
  • Introduction to New Clients (sent to your location)
  • Reduced Phone Work

Every girl that comes to work with us from another agency, receives her first week to work one shift completely fee free ! That means we don't take a dime in house fees, book ons or advertising fees, and fines are a nonexistent concept in our business plan. We have provided a no-risk opportunity for girls to come try V.I.P. and see what we are all about as a group. 


To work with Victoria Independent Providers, you must be:

1. Age 19 and over, and have 2 pieces of valid ID.
2. Task and goal oriented.
3. A self starter.
4. A team player.
5. Dependable and punctual.

NO EXPERIENCE Never been in the business? Orientation Provided!


Contact Ms.Harvi for your interview / orientation today

(250) 507-2302

(250) 590-VIPS